Can he get citizenship via adoption and via birth certificate and can he directly apply for passport or naturalization?

What do I do after the divorce decree is received in terms of my citizenship application?

Can CIS deny my naturalization application if I was arrested 3 years ago but never been charged or convicted?

Can my son become a US citizen if I am a US citizen?

Can I apply for naturalization during my probation?

Will my citizenship be affected if my mother committed marriage fraud?

Will a traffic citation affect my citizenship?

Am I a US citizen if my mother was naturalized before I was 18 years old?

What can I do if I have not received notices since filing N400?

Can I get a US Citizenship?

How long will it take me to become a US citizen?

Family-based immigration

Can I get my boyfriend back from China?

Can my dad get a green card to immigrate to the US? How?

If I was still married to my wife here in the US when I married my second wife, how can I petition my current wife to come here?

I did not reveal that I have a child to immigration, can I stil bring her with?

Can I travel from state to state on a K1 visa?

Will USCIS deny my case?

I was wondering if there are any organizations or something else that could help me with sponsoring my husband?

What is the quickest way for me to bring a person to the US?

My fiancé visa is about to expire, I got married here in the U.S. but failed to adjust my status. Am I going to get deported?

How do I remove my support for my wife’s immigration status?

How do I respond for the notice of intent to revoke letter for my wife’s CR1A visa?

Who should I report about my wife’s bad intention for marriage fraud?

What can I do if my petitioner wants to get a divorce and stop my visa process?

How long can I get a work permit after my brother makes a petition?

How do I file adjustments after K-1 Fiancé visa?

Should I do a motion to reopen before the immigration judge cancels his withholding status?

Will my daughter get a visa from the time I marry someone, or when she turns 18?

Is there a time limit to file for the I-485?

Do I have to wait for my future wife to be a resident before I can bring her daughter here?

If my husband leaves the US with an expired visa, how can I sponsor him to bring him back?

Can I fix my husband’s paper even if I am previously convicted for felony?

Is my I-130 still in progress if I left the country?

Can I bring my fiancé to the US to marry him?

Can I still file a petition of residency to a person that entered the US under a false name?

Can my son who is a US citizen take me lawfully to the US?

If my husband leaves the US with an expired visa, how can I sponsor him to bring him back?

Will I get deported if my husband divorced me?

How can I marry my illegal boyfriend if I have two lawsuits against me?

What can I do if my husband is refusing to go ahead with the immigration paperwork?

Is it possible to fix my mom’s status even if she was deported 6 months ago for overstaying?

Can my husband who has no immigration status stay in the U.S. because I am ill?

Can my stepson fix my immigration status?

Can I file a green card for my son, even though he was included in the initial filing done by my daughter?

Can illegal immigrant adjust status within the U.S.?

What should I do if my I-130 petition for my husband has been pending for 3 years?

What should I do if I doubt my I-751 was denied because I was mistaken for someone else?

Can my wife petition green card for my son even though the USCIS denied my case?

Can my husband file the I-751 waiver before the divorce is final?

Can my uncle and aunt file immigrate petition for me?

Can I still apply for my green card after a divorce?

If the original sponsor (for immigration) is deceased, can I have another family member as substitute sponsor?

Can I file for adjustment of status if I have a marriage fraud?

If my son is a legal resident, will I be able to come to the United States?

How long before I can adjust my mother’s status to a permanent resident?

How can I get my status adjusted if I married my fiancee in another country?

Will divorcing my husband affect my child’s right for immigration?

How can we start filing for my husband’s citizenship?

How can naturalization affect my I-130 for wife and child?

Can permanent resident petition for girlfriend ?

What can I do regarding my immigration situation as a green card holder?

What can I do to get a work permit after my wife withdrew her petition?

My I-751 has been denied can I still get my green card?

Is there a chance I can fix my immigration issue?

I stayed overseas for 10 months, will that affect my citizenship application and my immigrant petition for my husband?

How can I find more information on immigrating through the I130 petition as a married son?

Can we remove the conditional status of our green cards?

Can I file to change my immigration status if my husband abandoned me?

Will being deported from another country impact the K1 visa in the US?

Employment-based immigration

Do I still have legal status in the US?

How can I get a change of status for my visa?

Will I have any issues with my visa if the transfer was rejected?

5,500 H-1 applications received in one week

Can I maintain multiple H1B visas?

Investor’s visa

New EB5 data from USCIS

EB5: is your investment really in TEA?

AILA welcomes senator’s effort to reauthorize the EB5 pilot program

USCIS approves investor’s removal of condition petition in 3 months

How to obtain investor’s visa?

Can an EB-5 investor also hire family and other non US workers working in the company?

New EB-5 Data


ICE News Release: Los Angeles-area Chinese immigration consultants charged in asylum fraud scheme. Men allegedly filed more than 800 bogus asylum applications for Chinese aliens on religious grounds

Opposition to Corruption may be Eligible for Asylum

700 Approved Asylum Cases May Be Reopened

Criminal record and immigration

Can I return to the US after voluntary departure?

Updated ICE Secure Community Information

If my case was dismissed, will that charge be a problem at the port of entry?

Can my husband obtain a green card in the future?

If my case was dismissed, will that charge be a problem at the port of entry?

How can I get back to the states if I have a warrant for my arrest?

Can I-192 help me get back to the US?

Can I get my fiance and her son on a fiance visa if I have an old felony?

Is it possible to get a visa by marriage even if my friend was previous charged with identity theft and possession of narcotics?

Can a shoplifting charge affect a business visa application?

Can CIS deny my naturalization application if I was arrested 3 years ago but never been charged or convicted?

Can my father come back to the United States if he has a criminal record?


Will I get deported for having a warrant for my arrest for failing to appear in court?

Will you be deported if your spouse dies?

Is it possible for an incarcerated person to avoid deportation by marriage?

What is the best way for my fiance to regain entry to the U.S.?

Can my son file a petition on behalf of his father after voluntary deportation?

Will I be deported if I have no legal status?

Can I still be deported by immigration if I have known health issues?

If I chose Voluntary Deportation is it possible I can come back to the United States?

Is it possible to get an immigration waiver for a 10 year ban?

Can I marry and immigrate my girlfriend who has been deported?

Will my sister be able to visit the US after being deported?

Can I waive my deportation?

How long does my husband have to get his affairs in order with a Voluntary Departure?

Will my husband still be able to get his citizenship if he was deported 7 years ago and has since returned?

Can I get a visa if I was deported?

Can a person come back to US after completion of 5 years ban?

NVC & U.S Consulate

What can I do if the consular denied our case?

Would a previous denial of a non immigrant visa affect an immigration petition?

State Department cable on DS 160 and NIV application

Court & BIA

For long delays, suing the CIS is still very effective

Are you granted a bond in an ICE hearing?

Alien convicted of armed robbery, firearm and domestic violence received relief

Can I sponsor a person who did not show up for court appearance?

Another Victory in Immigration Court

BIA Remands Visa Denial

Court of Appeals Reverses BIA and Immigration Judge’s Decision

K-1 Fiance Visa

If I overstayed for 5 months with a B2 visa (less than 180 days) can apply for K1 visa?

Other questions

Am I considered married for my application if I married outside of the US?

Will I get stopped at the airport if I have an expired visa?

Can I divorce in the US without my foreign marriage certificate?

Will they come after me if my aunt was deported?

How can I go about getting my green card if I was abandoned?

Can a person adjust status with a C1 visa?

How can my child become a legal citizen?

How can I cancel my sponsorship of a child after a GC is issued?

How can I re-open an immigration case?

Will I be denied re entry into the US due to previous immigration history?

What can happen if you overstay your visa interval rules?

What are the laws regarding an immigration hold and ICE?

Can someone co-sponsor if they are going through foreclosure?

Can a Class C License Revocation Impact Getting a Green Card?

Can I travel on R1 visa that will expire in a month?

Can my husband travel out of the US if he has a green card?

Will I be allowed to enter the US if I am 8 months pregnant?

Can I fly with an expired J1 visa?

Can I help my stepfather get his work permit renewed?

500 companies received Notice of Inspection from ICE

USCIS approved 10,000 U visas

Why USCIS might think your application is fraudulent?

Public information

Citizens of what countries can get H-2A or H-2B visas? China is not on the list

New USCIS measure to help immigrants

Chinese citizens in US immigration court

ICE approved schools to issue I-20

USICE adds more majors to the STEM list(foreign students whose majors are on the list can get 29 months OPT)

DOJ/Education Letter on the Education Rights of All Children Regardless of their Immigration Status

Public Charge Fact Sheet from USCIS

USCIS Facts Sheet on Immigrant’s Rights and Marriage Fraud Issues

2012 Diversity Lottery Immigration starts soon

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Bring DREAM Act to a Vote