Q&A: Will my citizenship be affected if my mother committed marriage fraud?


Question: Six years ago, my mom was involved in a fraud marriage case with her previous husband. I was twelve when that happened, and I only appeared in court with her once so that I could be presented and be known as her daughter. I am now eighteen, and I was told by friends that I should apply for citizenship myself now that I’d older. Does the case, any way, have me bound to it? As in, am I involved in it, and does this mean I can’t apply for citizenship or have somebody petition for me?

Answer: since your green card derived from your mother’s marriage, her case will affect you.  You need first find out what happened to your mother’s immigration status.  If she received relief from the judge, then you should be covered.  If she was ordered deported, most likely you were ordered deported too.  Consult with immigration lawyer for further advise and action.