How can I get a change of status for my visa?


Q: I have a valid L1- B visa that will expire in June 2012. I would like to know if I can apply for a change of status to h1 immediately. If so can I legally work till the visa h1 is approved. Also if I wanted it apply for a green card , can I stay in the country while it is being processed?


A: You may change status from L to H provided that you are eligible for H visa.  However the time you spent on L will be counted for your H visa( if you have spent 3 years in L status, you now have only 3 more year in H status). You cannot work for the H visa employer until the change of status is approved by the USCIS.  You cannot wait here for your green card processing unless you either have a valid nonimmigrant status or you have filed I-485.