Can I maintain multiple H1B visas?


Q: I am on H1b visa for the last 3 years with Company A. I’d like to know whether I can maintain multiple H1b visas, meaning with 2 companies, Company A & B, and then start processing Green Card with Company B. Please help me.

A: You can only have one status in the US with one sponsor (H-1 for one company or one school if F-1).  You may have more than one H-1 approval without the status.  Then you can choose which H-1 you would like to get visa and return to the US.  In other word, you cannot have two valid I-94s.

You do not need to have an H1 with any company before you start the green card application process.  You may work for one company under H1 and have another company file your green card (PERM first, then I-140).