What should I do if I doubt my I-751 was denied because I was mistaken for someone else?


Q: My I-751was denied in 2006. When I went to the immigration office, one officer told me nobody could find any of my case information. I tried calling CIS many time, CIS still can not find me in the system. Is it possible the officer mistook me for someone else? What can I do in this situation?

A: There are several ways to find out. One is to file I-90, replacement of green card. If you get your new green card, which means the CIS officer was wrong. If CIS denied your application, it will tell you the reason. You can also file for FOIA application to request your file. You can see what happened to your case once you have your file.

The third way to find out, you can also request the CIS office to stamp your valid passport to reflect your immigration status. If your I-751 has been approved, you should not have any problem getting that stamp.