Question Detail: My boyfriend got in trouble for drinking and driving. He went to court and immigration was there. If I went to China and marry him, would he be able to come back? If so how long would it take?

Answer:  Your boyfriend may have two problems.  The first is that he has a criminal record.  The impact of his criminal record to his immigration to the US will depend on exactly what was his conviction and the punishment.  A simple DUI(Driving under the influence)should not affect his chance to return to the US.  You should consult with immigration lawyer to determine that.

Second, if your boyfriend entered the US without inspection and stayed in the US for more than 6 months, he is subject to 3 year bar(if stayed for 1 year or longer 10 year bar).  In addition, if he was deported to China, he will need permission from the USCIS to apply for immigrant visa to return to the US.

In any event, you should consult with an experienced immigration lawyer for assistance.