What do I do after the divorce decree is received in terms of my citizenship application?


Q: My citizenship application is currently under review after an interview back on Sept 2, 2009 based on the 3 years marriage rule. I was married in 03/05/2004 and currently separated. My last name has been legally changed in May 16, 2011. My lawyer convinced me to follow up on the case since 0ctober 2010 but does not respond to my emails any more since February. What do I do after the divorce decree is received? Since my green card needs to be updated to reflect my new name and also to avoid paying immigration twice. Do I follow up of my citizenship or the green card renewal?

A: It is unclear what do you mean by “renew” your green card. If you have conditional green card, you must file Form I-751 to remove condition. CIS will not approve your N400 without first or concurrently approving your I-751. The fact your interview was in 2009 but you still have not received a decision is not a good sign. If your lawyer did not respond to your inquiry, find another lawyer.