Q: If I was still married to my wife here in the US when I married my second wife, how can I petition my current wife to come here?
I separated with my wife in 2009, left to Morocco and I got married there in November of 2010. I came back in August of 2011, divorced my wife here in the USA in July of 2012. On April 2, 2014, I started applying for my wife and son to come to the US. Just yesterday, I got an answer from the immigration office stating that they are sending me an intent to deny her paper based on the fact that I was married in the US when I married my current wife.

A: your second marriage is invalid as you were still married to your first wife at the time you married your second wife. you need to file a nullification of your second marriage and then marry your second wife again.  Once you have done that, you can then file a new I-130 visa petition for your second wife and step-child.