Q&A:Can I get a US Citizenship?(6/15/11)


Question: In 2008 I was involved in a fight with my ex and told him I’d kill him and I was conviceted of 5th digree asult missdemeanor. I was wondering, would I still be able to apply for citizenship? I was in jail for only 3 days and convicted with a 30 day house arest and 2 year probation with $700.00 fee. So, again, would I still be eligible for a citizenship?

Answer: You will have to wait for 5 years(or 3 years if you have been living with your USC spouse for 3 years as a permanent resident) before you can apply for citizenship. The law requires that you are a person of good moral character during the statutory 5 or 3 year period(before you file for citizenship). However, if you are convicted of aggravated felony, you will never be able to file for citizenship.