What is the quickest way for me to bring a person to the U.S.?


Q: I just became a green card holder 2 months ago and I am in love with a girl who is illegal here because she over stayed 7 months in US. She will go home in China next month. What is the quickest way to bring her back here in the US?

A: If she leaves the US after 7 months overstay in the US, she is barred from returning for 3 years.  In any event since your are LPR, the waiting time is about 2.5 years so you can file I-130 after you marry her and then just wait for the time to come.

If she chooses not to leave the US, then you will have to become a US citizen in order for her to eventually adjust  status to LPR.  That will be for sure 5 years later.