How do I respond for the notice of intent to revoke letter for my wife’s CR1A visa?


Q: I have question about my wife CR1A-visa refusal at the US Embassy about 2 months ago. I called them, emailed them, a congress contacted them and now senator contacting them. They are still saying, they are going to send my case back to the USCIS for review. After the USCIS received my case, they are going to send me the Notice of Intent to revoke letter. How would I suppose to respond the Notice of intent to revoke letter? I am planning to revisit my wife, would that going to help me for evidence they are looking for? What other documents do they need from me? Do I need to have an immigration attorney now to get ready for the respond or I have to wait until I receive the letter from the USCIS? Whether our case will reaffirm or not how long does the whole process takes? Thank for your answers.

A: I strongly suggest you retain the service of an experienced immigration attorney to assist you in responding to the intent to revoke.  This is very critical because you may not know exactly how to rebut the consulate’s assertion that your marriage is not bona fide.  We have represented many clients in this context with 100% success record so we know how and why the consulate and the CIS want to revoke the approved petition.

You should hire the attorney now so the attorney can have more time to prepare the response.