Who should I report about my wife’s bad intention for marriage fraud?


Q: I arranged for a K1 visa, and then married my fiancée. After getting her green card, it then became apparent that her only interest was to use the K1 visa process to get the green card, so that she would then be eligible to do a medical residency. The marriage was obviously a sham, the visa obtained by false assertions on her part, and I feel very ill-used for my time, money, and emotional investment. What are my options, and who should I report something like this to?

A: You may write a letter to USCIS about your story.  Provide as much evidence as you can to substantiate your claim of marriage fraud.  Be aware that sometimes people marry for many reasons; getting green card or medical residency may be one of them.  However, as long as the “green card’ part is not the sole purpose, the marriage may not be fraudulent for immigration law purposes.  USCIS will not take any action against your wife unless it is determined, with evidence, which her sole purpose of marrying you is to get her green card.

You can file for divorce or annulment of the marriage.  If she does not have the 10 year card, she will need to file for petition to remove the condition and you may be contacted by USCIS then for the bona fides of the marriage.