Asylum Granted by A Tough Judge

This immigration judge is considered one of the toughest judges.

Our client entered the US in 2013, filed asylum in Los Angeles the same year.  She later moved to the Bay Area.

Asylum office referred her application due to "inconsistencies".

Client has two claims, each will be sufficient if found be to credible.

We carefully strategized the case before the hearing started.  In less than 40 minutes we finished the direct examination and cross examination.  Our witness (very important) also testified.  Even though our client could not answer many religious questions the judge found our client credible.

In less than 50 minutes the judge granted our case without going into the second claim.

Again, preparation is the key to any of our cases.

We prepared client three times before the hearing.

Also worth noting that we moved this case from 2022 based on client's family circumstances.