We Have Many Asylum Cases Approved Recently

In the past two weeks, we had more than 5 asylum cases approved.

The one worth discussing is a court case.  Client entered the United States from Mexico without visa in 2016.  She was taken into custody  by ICE.  At the credible fear interview, client told the officer that was not true.  Upon release client hired us.

We evaluated the case and we found out that client had very good birth control claim for asylum.  The story she told the office at the credible fear interview was not necessary for her asylum claim.

The fact remains, though, she lied to immigration officer.

Client admitted that she lied to immigration officer at hearing.  The immigration judge finally believed our client's explanation why she lied and found her eligible for asylum.

Asylum cases in immigration court require experiences and deep knowledge on asylum law and the conditions of the country where a client was from.

many clients hire lawyers who do not have the experiences and knowledge just because they may be a little cheaper.

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