Recent Immigration Court Successful Cases

1.     Client Got His Asylum Status Back After 8 Years Immigration Court Fight

Client received asylum in 2006.  Soon after that his lawyer was disbarred.

In 2010, Immigration put client in removal proceedings, alleging his asylum was obtained by fraud.

After several delays, we had an individual hearing. The Immigration Judge denied government's request to revoke our client's asylum status.

2.  Client Got His Green Card Back in Immigration Court after Admitting to Marriage Fraud

Client received green card in 2002.  He later applied for naturalization. His N-400 was denied for marriage fraud.  He was put in removal proceedings with his individual hearing set for September, 2021.

We moved to advance his hearing for almost 3 years.  We persuade the judge to return his green card back.

It’s worth noting that client had hired another lawyer from Ohio and that lawyer instructed him to lie to the court. Had this client followed that lawyer's advice, he will be certainly deported to China.