What's next after asylum interview failed?

1.     Client Received Immigrant Visa in China after 8 Years Struggle

Ms. Huang came to the US in 2010.  She applied for asylum shortly after her arrival.  Unfortunately her asylum was denied by the asylum office; then her asylum was denied by immigration judge, her appeal was dismissed by the Board of immigration Appeals and finally, her petition for review was dismissed by the 9th Circuit of Appeals. Ms. Huang received a letter from the Immigration asking her to report to the ICE for departure to China.

Ms. Huang hired us at that time.

After two years of lengthy adjudication of visa petition and waivers, Ms. Huang received immigrant visa last week In Guangzhou, China.

2.  Asylum Seeker Receive Grant of Asylum from Immigration Judge in One Hour

Mr. Ge was referred to court after the asylum interview.  He hired us shortly before the master hearing.

The Asylum Office states that Mr. Ge is not credible and that even if he is credible his experience in China does not constitute persecution under the US Asylum Law.

Mr. Ge was despair when he hired us.

With proper preparation and careful lead research, we find a way to persuade the immigration judge why Mr. Ge's asylum application should be granted.

Within one hour of the hearing the application is granted and the government will not appeal.

Asylum is very complicated.  Not so many lawyers can really do a good job in court.

Do you want to take the chance?