New USCIS policies will significantly affect your immigration status

USCIS recently issued two new policies that will significantly affect many people seeking immigrant benefits in the United States.

The first such policy directs the USCIS offers to refer the applicants to removal proceedings if their applications are denied and if they are no longer in legal status.  For example, if you file for B2 extension and when the USCIS denies your application, your 6 month stay expired, you may be put in removal proceedings(in this case if you just leave the US you may be ordered removal at your master hearing in absentia).  Another example is if you file H-1 extension and if your petition is denied and your current H-1 expired, you may be put in removal proceedings.

The second new policy involves the denial of applications without issuing request for evidence (RFE) or notice of intent to deny(NOID).   Now USCIS may deny your application without first asking for more evidence if it determined you did not provide basic evidence or required form.  If you have a deadline to submit an application, the denial of your application will be devastating as you may have missed the deadline and you cannot file it again.

All these changes have raised the stake for anyone who file applications/petitions with the USCIS.  You may have only one chance to get things right.  If you do it yourself, or hire inexperienced lawyer or immigrant consultant, you may fall into a deep hole you cannot dig yourself out.