What are the steps to get political asylum?

Question Detail: I am holding a US B1/B2 visa status. I wanted to take political asylum. If my political asylum is denied, what would be the next steps? Can I be eligible for work permit while asylum period and the denial period?

If you are in B status, you should file your asylum application as soon as you can but definitely with one year of your entry into the US.

Once you file the asylum application, in about 3-4 weeks you will be asked to do finger print; then in 5 months from the date of your filing you may apply for employment authorization.  Your interview date may be 2-4 years from the date of your initial asylum application, depending on the location of your residence.  in general San Francisco Asylum Office schedules interview faster than other asylum offices.  if you pass the interview you receive asylee status and in one year of the approval you can apply for green card.  If you do not pass, your case will be referred to immigration court for a de novo review by a judge.  If you lose again you may appeal your case to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  After that, if you lose your appeal, you may file petition for review in federal circuit court of appeals.

The best chance to win your case is at the asylum office.  If you have good immigration lawyer with experience in your country's condition, you should prevail.