I-751 approved after 8 years late filing

Ms. Ge received her conditional green card in 2006 based on her marriage to a US citizen.  She should have filed her I-751, petition to remove condition, in 2008.

USCIS mistakenly issued her a 10 year green card.  Ms. Ge thought she did not need to file I-751.

In fact she did.

USCIS later realized its mistake and denied her I-90, application to renew green card.  USCIS even took her green card away when she went to finger print.

When she first came to see us, she did not her green card(not even a copy of it); her conditional card expired more than 9 years ago and she divorced her US husband long long time ago.

Tough case?  yes.

Her I-751 was filed late last summer.  It was approved without RFE or interview.