16 year old asylum case granted by judge in 30 minutes

Ms. Lin entered the US in 2002 and filed her asylum in Los Angeles.

Her asylum application was referred to immigration court.  At the suggestion of an immigration consultant, she married a US citizen and thought she did not have to attend hearing.  She was ordered removed by judge in absentia.  Her marriage case did not go anywhere and later was denied by the USCIS.

Ms. Lin's case went to the 9th Circuit of Appeals and was remanded to immigration judge in 2010.

Ms. Lin moved to San Francisco and hired us in 2012.

After many delays and continuance, Ms. Lin finally had her day in court last week.

Immigration judge commented that this case was well documented and we just needed to focus on several key issues.

After 10 minutes direct examination, it became clear that Ms. Lin has established well-founded fear of future persecution in her home country.

Government waived appeal.

Although this case has been pending for an extraordinarily long time, the final result is very good and now Ms. Lin can apply for her daughter to join her in the United States.