Immigration Judge Granted Green Card after 16 Year Long Battle

Our client, Ms. Yang, came to the US in 2002 on a B-2 visa.  She lied about a lot of things in her visa application, prepared by Chinese “Zhong Jie”.

She hired a local immigration consultant in Los Angeles to file her asylum application shortly after her arrival.  Her asylum application was referred to court after interview.  Before individual hearing, Ms. Yang married a US citizen and filed I-130/485.  Her husband did not appear for the interview and the case was denied by the USCIS.

She had her asylum hearing in 2005.  The immigration judge denied her application for lack of credibility.

Ms. Yang appealed her case to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  The Board remanded the case back to immigration court as the Board pointed out that the immigration judge did not have sufficient reason to deny the case on credibility ground.

Ms. Yang moved to the bay Area and married her current husband, a US citizen, and she hired us.

This case has been continued by immigration judge many times while the judges initially on her case all retired.

After many maneuvers with the court and the USCIS, we had an individual hearing in 2016, when the government raised the visa fraud issue and asked Ms. Yang to file the waiver.

Waiver was filed and we just had the final hearing.  Although the waiver claim was weak, the immigration judge granted the waiver and Ms. Yang now is a permanent resident of the United States.

To increase her chances for success, we also prepared the asylum claim and were ready to proceed, even though we had to spend lots of time to prepare the asylum case.