What should you do if your visa application is under long "administrative processing"?

 "Administrative processing" means additional review, investigation and evaluate visa applicant's eligibility to receive the visa.  It could happen in F, H, L, O or any other types of visa.

This process, according to the US embassy/consulate/State Department websites, would usually take about 1-2 months.  In reality, many visa applicants experience long delay.  

Recently one of our clients in Shanghai experienced 6 month long delay without any decision.

Luckily in the United States, there is a legal process to address this problem.  Its call federal district court lawsuit against the USCIS, State Department and the Embassy/Consulate for the unreasonable delay in its administrative processing.

We filed the lawsuit in January and the Consulate re-interviewed our client last week and issued the L-1 visa.

This type of lawsuit is absolutely very effective in compelling the US government to act.  

If you have long delayed petition or application before the USCIS or the US Consulate/Embassy, please contact us.