Our New Approved Cases

Client married his US citizen wife about 2 years ago.  His wife is 16 years older than him.  They filed the application themselves and had their first interview in 2016.  6 months after the first interview, the USCIS scheduled them for the second interview(marriage fraud interview).

They were nervous so they hired us.

you know the rest:  we discussed their case extensively and prepared them for the interview.

They were separated in the interview.  Although there were some minor discrepancies and some other small issues, overall they did well and the USCIS approved the husband's green card application 3 weeks after the interview.

In another case, client was ordered deported by the immigration court and her petition for review was dismissed by the 9th Circuit of Appeals.  Client married her husband while her case was pending at the 9th Circuit.

We took over the case 2 years after the 9th Circuit dismissed her petition for review.

you know the rest:  we got her waivers approved and she went back to China and last week she received her immigrant visa in Guangzhou, China.

We are extremely good at difficult cases.  There are many cases that are seemingly impossible in other places that were resolved by us.

If you have any difficult cases(we can handle not so difficult cases, too), please contact us.