Recent approved cases at Baughman and Wang

1.  Two I-526(investors' visa petition) were approved yesterday by the USCIS without Request for Evidence.  These two petitions were filed around November of 2015.

2.  Mr. Hui received asylum approval after interview.  Hui came from Guangxi, China.  He filed his asylum application in early 2015 in San Francisco.  Mr. Hui has 3 children, one from his first marriage, one from his current wife's previous marriage and the third one from his current wife. His wife experienced two abortions after she married Mr. Hui and finally gave birth to their first child in 2014. 

3.  We have a waiver case approved last week.  The case is an I-601 waiver for overstaying after deportation.

4.  We also have a permission to apply after deportation approved last week.  Client has outstanding deportation order and she lost her 9th Circuit Appeals review. She changed lawyer after she lost the federal court review. 

5. Ms. Yang is from Shandong.  She filed her asylum on January, 2015.  She participated religious activities before she came to the US as a student and she has continued her religious activities in the US.  She received her asylum approval in February of 2017.