Our recent approvals

1.  We won 3 asylum grants in the past month in immigration court.  All of them are based on religious ground.  Asylum office referred these cases for "lack of detail" or "inconsistencies).  We all know that many times asylum office exaggerates minor issues to deny or refer applicants to immigration court.   We have maintained 100% success record in immigration court this year. 

2. H-1B approved after Level 1 wage RFE

Level 1 wage RFE is new and feared for this year’s H-1B. USCIS did not believe positions with level 1 wage are specialty H-1B positions as they are only entry-level with simple job duties. Our client is a small size company and the beneficiary is a MBA graduate. The case is difficult even in usual practice. Moreover, our RFE notice came in early September and no one expected this.  Thankfully, our experienced attorney, after reading the notice carefully, found out the direction of how to response. We argued the position is both entry-level and professional (specialty). It’s normal some positions are entry level but professional knowledge needed. An entry level position does not necessarily mean it is not a professional position. We prepared documents to show the position is entry level with close supervision, as well as specialized and professional. Sure enough, USCIS approved our H-1B in less than two weeks after we submitted the response. Having an experienced lawyers’ help brings better result to the case.

In many cases, the success or failure of H-1B application depends not only on the qualifications of the applicant but also the petitioning company, the job and the salary.  Most important of all how does your lawyer present your application to persuade the USCIS. 

3.  E-2 extension approval

We have got an approval for the second extension of our E-2 treaty investor visa.  Our client actually did not do much business at her first extension and she did even less this time around.  Clearly USCIS has placed less strict standard for E-2 visa than L-1 visa.

4. L-1 extension for 3 company managers

We got 3 approvals for managers from two companies.  USCIS issued RFE (Request for Evidence) for two of the applicants.  We simply wrote a letter to the USCIS addressing its questions and concerns as we did not have any new evidence to submit.  In both cases the USCIS approved the petitions soon.