Win in California Labor Commissioner Hearing

We recently represented a doctor in a case where his former employee filed claims for overtime, rest period and meal time violations.  The former employee also claims for waiting time penalty, holiday pay and business reimbursement.  Total claimed amount was more than $50,000.

We had a meeting last year before the labor commissioner but we could not settle the case.

Under California labor law,  if the employer and the employee could not settle the dispute at the meeting, the matter will be referred to a formal hearing where a hearing officer takes the testimonies of both parties, witnesses and review any evidence submitted.

After two hours, the hearing officer concluded the hearing.

We just received the award:  former employee took nothing from the employer.  The decision discredited former employee's testimony and found her claims were not believable. 

It should be noted that if our client is found to owe her anything, the waiting time penalty would substantially increase the award.

We represent both employer and employee in labor(wage) dispute.