Chinese restaurant EB5 investor approved by the CIS

We just received an approval for one of our Chinese restaurant EB5 investors.  It took the CIS about 21 months to adjudicate the application.  But it is approved without request for evidence.

The Investor is a graduate student studying in the US.  He received the investment money from his family.  The restaurant is a new business located in a $1 million investment area(not the TEA).  Investor invested $1 million.

Although most EB5 investors choose to invest in regional centers, there are increasing number of investors invest their own business(direct investment).  If a investor knows well exactly what he or she wants, with the help of trusted partners in the US, direct investment is a good alternative to regional center EB5.

As of today, we have represented many regional center investors and direct EB5 investors with 100% success record!