Removal order set aside after 90 days of the order

Ms. Xiong received her conditional green card in 2011  She did not file petition to remove the condition until 10 months after the deadline.  At that time she was referred to immigration court for removal hearing.

Ms. Xiong had separated from her husband in early 2013.  Her husband received the first notice from immigration court but he did not tell Ms. Xiong.  He claimed that he did not receive the hearing notice from the court.

Ms. Xiong failed to appear in her master hearing in January, 2015 and she was ordered removed to China by the judge.

Ms. Xiong was told the removal order in late February, 2015 and she immediately retained our service.

The Immigration  judge granted our motion to reopen the proceedings and Ms. Xiong now has a chance to get her green card back.