Client is rescued from disastrous consequences

Mr. Cao entered the US on a K-1 visa in 2003.  He married the sponsor and filed I-485, adjustment of status.  His application was approved and later his I-751, removal of condition, was also approved.  His wife divorced him in 2006.

During the marriage, Cao's wife gave birth to a child.  Cao is not the father.

After the divorce, cao married another woman in China.  Cao and his second wife has a child together, born while he was still married to his first wife.

In 2012, Cao, still a permanent resident,  filed I-130 visa petition for his wife and child.  The USCIS scheduled an interview in early 2014.  At this time, Cao retained us.

After we reviewed the case, we determined that the USCIS had every reason to suspect that the  first marriage was for immigration purposes.  Not only cao may lose his I-130 visa petition for his wife and child, he may face deportation for marriage fraud.

Preparation for the interview was time consuming.  Unfortunately client did not have much documentation to support the first marriage.

After the interview, we waited for more than 7 months.  Then we contacted the USCIS director for status.  two weeks later we received the second interview notice.

Again we prepared the client for this interview.

The second interview was conducted by an officer and her supervisor.  Lots of questions were asked about the first marriage.  Client was well prepared.

Shortly after the second interview, USCIS approved Cao's I-130 visa petition.

Lesson learned here:  a devoted and competent lawyer makes a huge difference.