Can you get an employment based green card under the new immigration reform bill(The RAISE Act)?

Two Republic Senators introduced a new information bill last week.  The bill was supported by  President Trump.

While it is certain that this bill has zero chance of becoming law in its current form, it is interesting to see the concept of the point system spelled out in the bill.

Calculated your points based on the proposal to see if you are qualified to receive a green card(not family based immigration).

The point system lists the following elements to calculate your total points.  You need at least 30 point to be considered for immigration.


1.  Age

26-31 years                 10 points

31-35                            8 points

36-40                            6 points

41-45                            4 points

46-50                            2 points

51 or older                     no points

under 18                        cannot apply


Your points:  


2. Education

High school anywhere    1 point

Foreign Bachelor's degree   5 points

US bachelor's degree      6 points

Foreign Master's in STEM     7 points

US master's in STEM             8 points


Your points:  


3. English language Proficiency


under 59  percentile         no points     

60%-69% percentile       6 points

70%-79% percentile       10 points

80%-89% percentile        11 points

90%-99% percent            12 points


Your points:  


4.  Extraordinary Achievement

Nobel Laureate or comparable award        25 points

Individual Olympic Medal/first place in an international sporting event    15 points


Your points:  


5. Job Offer

salary equal or higher than 150% median household income of your state      5 points

if 200% higher        8 points

if 300% higher         13 points


Your points:  


6.  Investment and management

Invest at least $1.35 million/active role/3 years         6 points

same above with $1.8 million                                    12 points


Your points:  


Please add all your points to see if you have at least 30.

If you are married, your spouse will need to calculate under the system and if his/her points are higher than yours, use your points to proceed.

If your spouse's points are lower than yours, your points will be adjusted by times 70% and your spouse's points time 30%; then combined your points and your spouse to determine the final points.

Your points:  

Your spouse points:  

Final points after adjustment:  


Good luck!