Interesting 2016 Data about Immigration Court cases

Based on most recent released data,  Immigration courts in the United States received total of 328,112 new cases in 2016 and completed 273,390. 

San Francisco immigration court received 17,513 new cases, up 24%; Los Angeles court received 21,132, up 16%; NYC received 18,457, up 3%.

Respondents with legal representation increased every year since 2012, now stood at 61%.

Overall asylum grant rate dropped each year since 2012(56%); 2013(53%); 2014(49%); 2015(48%); and 2016(43%).

San Francisco immigration court granted 74% of its asylum cases; Los Angeles court 22%.

About 83% asylum cases were referred by Asylum Offices nationwide.

China born applicants enjoyed 35.56% of total asylum grant, or about 3103 cases and has remained top 1 country since 2012.

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