More than 90% cases denied in immigration court if not represented by lawyer

If an asylum seeker is not represented by an attorney, almost all (91%) of them are denied asylum. In contrast, a significantly higher proportion of represented asylum seekers are successful. Overall grant rate for asylum applicants in the nation is about 50%; San Francisco has one of the highest grant rates in the nation with about 38.4% average grant rate for the last 5 years.

Here is the breakdown of some of the senior judges in San Francisco immigration court (new judges are not listed here due to lack of data):

Judge Hoogasian 25% denial rate; Judge geisee 34% denial; Judge Greene 17% denial; Judge Webber 33.8%; Judge Lyones 27.3% denial; Judge King 28.5% denial; Judge Remirez 15.3% denial; Judge marks 17.1% denial; Judge Harward 34.3% denial and Judge Daw 37% denial.

Some immigration judges deny more than 95% of asylum applications in other courts.

Anyone in immigration court should know the basic facts about the deportation procedures, immigration judge on your case and other aspects of the immigration law to maximize your chance of success because this may well be your last chance to stay in the US.