Asylum Interview May Take 2-3 Years

USCIS Asylum Office just released a chart showing the interview scheduling of its 8 asylum offices.

This chart will be updated monthly. 

Based on the chart, if you filed your asylum application on or before July 2013 from San Francisco area, you may get an interview notice.  That is to say, the waiting time is about 2 years.

 If you live under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles, you may have to wait for 4 years before you can see an interview notice.

Scheduling information for other offices:

Arlington:  filed on or before August, 2013.

Chicago: filed on or before may, 2013.

Houston:  filed on or before April, 2014.

Miami:  filed on or before February, 2013.

Newark, NJ: filed on or before April, 2013.

New York, NY: filed on or before July, 2013.

The priority of the interview is for those who received interview notice but were rescheduled and asylum application filed by children,

Then the Asylum Office uses first-in first-out policy.