New EB5 processing data

From January to march, 2015, the USCIS received 2309 I-526 applications.  It approved 1978 and denied 273.  The approval rate is 88%.

For the same time period, the USCIS received 693 I-829, application to remove the condition.  It approved 269, denied 2.  It had 3524 I-829 application pending as of march 31, 2015.  The normal processing time for I-829 is more than 1 year.

The above information suggest that the approval rate for both I-526 and I-829 are very high and the pending cases have been on the rise.

In addition, the latest information from all sources indicate that the minimum investment amount will be increased very soon, possible after October 1, 2015.

Conclusion:  If you are still thinking about EB5, now its time to act.

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