New Asylum data

As of March 31, 2015, San Francisco Asylum Office had 9,028 asylum applications pending; New York had 13,568;  Newark had 14,924 and Los Angeles had 17,042.

from January to march, 2015, China continues to lead the asylum application filings by over 1000 each month, or about 19% of the total asylum application filed the same period.

For approval rate, San Francisco Asylum Office continues to lead with 73% approval in January;  71% in both February and March.   The lowest approval rate is from New York with 27% in January; 26% in February and 16% in March.  Los Angeles Asylum Office had approval rate of 45% in January; 41% in February and 49% in March.

It is very common now to wait for many months in many asylum offices, including San Francisco Asylum Office,  for the interview.  Applicants will be eligible to apply for employment permit 5 months after the application is filed.