EB5: first quarter, 2015 data. 100% removal of condition approval

USCIS just release the 1st quarter of 2015(10/1/14-12/31/14) EB5 application data.

During the first quarter, USCIS received 2,941 I526 application;  USCIS approved 1,652 I526 applications and denied 133 I526 applications.  The approval rate is 92.5%, highest approval ever.  As of december 31, 2014, USCIS had 13,526 I526 application pending.

During the same period, USCIS received 810 I829 applications(removal of condition).  69 I829 were approved an no denials recorded in this period, also a record!  As of December 31, 2014, there were 3,080 I829 applications were pending.

The number of I526 approvals has been the highest for a 3 month period in USCIS EB5  adjudication history.

This office has been representing EB5 clients for many years with %100 success record.  We welcome your inquiry about our EB5 practice.