New asylum data: March, 2014

Based on a recent released USCIS Asylum Office data, in March, 2014, Asylum Office received total 4862 asylum applications.  There were 1078 applicants from Mainland China, about 22% of all applications.

USCIS conducted 2895 asylum interviews nationwide.  In San Francisco, there were 224 interviews conducted;  In New York, there were 636 interviews conducted and in LA there were 486 interviews conducted.

Asylum offices finished total of 2304 cases.  There were 964 cases were approved; 49 denied; 504 referred to immigration courts.  312 cases were referred to courts due to the one year rule(filed after one year of entry and were not within the exceptions).  There were also about 293 who were referred to courts without interview(no shows).

San Francisco Asylum Office continues to be the office with highest approval rate(214 out of 271 completed cases);  New York completed 713 cases with 132 cases approved;  Los Angeles Asylum Office completed 490 cases with 218 cases approved.

At the end of March, 2014, San Francisco Asylum Office had 6,000 cases pending;  NY with 6,899 and LA 11,880.