China EB5 cut off date likely to occur in March, 2015

According to a senior State Department visa official, the cut off date for China born EB5 applicant is certain and now it is just a matter of exactly when.  He said that he is confident that he will have more information in early February, 2015 and that more information may be available in the March, 2015 visa bulletin.

Based on this information we predict that the cut off date will start in March or April of 2015.  It is likely that at least 18 to 24 months of waiting time will occur.  That means once the cut off date is established, applicants who filed their I-526 18 -24 months prior to the cut off date may be eligible to receive immigrant visa(if they are outside of the US) or be granted adjustment of status(if they are inside the US and filed I-485).