EB5-5 regional centers have lost their designations

According to USCIS, the following 5 regional centers have been removed from the regional center list.

  • Ecorntech Regional Center (Wisconsin)

  • Michigan Renaissance Regional Center (Michigan)

  • Gateway Georgia Regional Center (Georgia)

  • South Florida EB-5 Regional Center, LLC (Florida)

  • InvestAmerica EB-5, LLC (Colorado)

  • South West Biofuel RC, LLC (SWBRC) (Texas, Oklahoma)

In general, a regional center may choose to be removed from the designation by failing to file the annual report(I-924A), which is due December 29 every year.  USCIS may also remove a regional center based on information it has, such as information received from I-924A or other sources.  The main reason for revoking the regional center designation is that the USCIS determines that the regional center in question has not created jobs in a verifiable way or the regional center did not promote economic growth as claimed in the original business plan and economic analysis.

As more and more regional centers are approved by the USCIS every month, there certainly will be many regional centers that cannot maintain their economic activities by recruiting qualified EB5 investors.